We Move Pets For Better!

How Pet Travel Works

Jet pet Express is US leading pet travel experts and worldwide service provider for transporting pets around the corner or around the world.

Our Customised Travel Crates

Our airline approved travel crates are made for your pets comfort and safety. You can buy a Jet pet Express travel crate or they are available for hire 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Our Resident Vet Services

Jet pet Express are pleased to offer a complete Veterinary service. Export accredited Veterinarians are based at our facilities in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, with recommended Vets worldwide.

Our Pet Transit Lounge Facilities

Jet pet Express

world class, climate controlled transit lounges ensure a relaxing environment for your pet.

We Fly Everywhere

With Jet pet Express your pet can go with you, anywhere in the world. Read information about pet culture in some of our popular ports.

Our People Care As Much As You Do

Our Jet pet Express people located across the globe are not just specialists in pet travel but are also dedicated animal lovers who love what they do.

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